VA Benefits Claim Checklist


[   ] Certified copy of DD214 (member 4) or Report of Separation

[   ] Copy of marriage Certificate

[   ] Copy(s) of Birth Certificate(s) for each claimed dependent to include spouse

[   ] Copy(s) of Death Certificates(s)

[   ] Copy(s) Divorce Decree(s) for both Veteran and Spouse

[   ] Copy of Guardianship Document/court Letters

[   ] Copy of Social Security Award Letters showing current benefits rate

[   ] Copy of pension or annuity award letters showing current benefits rate.

[   ] Statement from Doctors, showing current medical condition that is being claimed

[   ] Doctor’s name, name, address and phone numbers to include fax numbers

[   ] Medical evidence indicating that the disability was caused by or arose during your Active duty service

[   ] Medical treatment records

[   ] Any VA correspondence

[   ] Collateral Statement(s)

[   ] Social Security number for each claimed dependent

Please gather all the supporting evidence checked then make sure that you set up an appointment